Why Nicole Kidman’s Hands Stole The Show At The Oscars

Nicole Kidman
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

It’s pretty hard to steal any of the attention away from THAT Oscars grand finale, but somehow Nicole Kidman’s hands managed it.

The actress’s interesting clapping technique drew many a comment from followers on Twitter, who likened her to Edward Scissorhands and Jennifer Aniston’s hair:

All we can say is it must have been one hell of a manicure to prevent her using the full surface area of her hands while congratulating the awards winners.

We also kind of love Twitter for this exact reason. Why focus on the political importance of Viola Davis’ acceptance speech, or the blue ribbon statements being made by Ruth Negga and Karlie Kloss on the red carpet, when an actress is clapping like her hands are made of bananas?

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