New Drivers Could Be Banned From Driving At Night


Seems like the government are really trying to find a solution to the road accidents involving young people, and hopefully put a stop to it.

The idea will be that all new drivers will be given a new “graduated driving licence” – meaning that if you’ve just passed your test, you’ll potentially be banned from driving at night for up to two years.

There could also be a brand new system put in place to restrict engine sizes allowed for new drivers – obvs to try and stop those lovely competitive “boy racer” types.

Prime Minister Theresa May has hinted that these plans would be reviewed soon, in a bid to try and reduce the number of deaths of young drivers on UK roads.

There’s also talk of banning driving after drinking altogether for the first 24 months after passing the driving test, ensuring that it’ll be illegal to drive after even ONE alcoholic drink.

According to The Sun, there’s even a proposed second driving test that could be added to all this too, meaning that all new drivers would have to undergo another test an pass that one 24-months after the first one, in order to have full access to all roads across the UK, day and night.

Theresa May has confirmed that all these ideas will be relooked at again, despite the graduated licence previously being deemed as unfair.

It had previously been rejected over general concerns that it was “unfair” to those learning to drive for night jobs – potentially making those jobs inaccessible to young people with a new licence altogether, or at least for the first 24-months.

As things stand, there are similar driving rules and regulations in other countries such as Australia, New Zealand and even across parts of the United States. In those places, new drivers aren’t even allowed to carry passengers under the age of 25 unless they’re supervised.

While these probably seem like quite drastic measures, if they cut down road accidents it might not be such a bad thing. Overall, safety does come first.

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