Netflix 2017: Why These Are The Best Shows and Films To Get Excited About!


Netflix is fast becoming a staple in households across the land – and 2017 is set to be a corker!

Whether you are spooked by ‘Stranger Things’, hooked on ‘House Of Cards’ or even if you’re a fan of a funny flick, there is definitely something for everyone.

In fact, there won’t even be time for ‘Netflix And Chill’ (come on, we all know what that means now), as you will be too busy actually watching it. Fact.

The full schedule is yet to be announced but here are our top picks for the months ahead:

Santa Clarita Diet

Like comedy? Like horror? This is one for you! Made for Netflix, ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ stars Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore and US actor and producer Timothy Olyphant (who you may remember from Scream 2). The pair play married couple Sheila and Joel, who work as real estate agents. However, their life takes an unfortunate turn when Sheila turns into a flesh-eating zombie. As you do!

13-part comedy-horror, release date: 3 February.

Girlfriend’s Day

Greetings card writer Ray was once top dog when it came to penning romantic messages, but he’s lost his mojo. Desperate to get it back after a new holiday is announced, Girlfriend’s Day, Ray goes on a search to find what once made him so good. He soon finds himself entangled in a deadly conspiracy too…but is it one he can write himself out of?

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Dark comedy movie, release date: 14 February (Valentine’s Day)

Finding Dory

Who doesn’t love a Disney flick?! If you didn’t catch this one on the big screen (like what we did there?), then here is your chance to find out what Dory and her marine pals have been up to! Remembering she has a family who might be looking for her, Dory joins forces with Nemo and Marlin before setting off toward a marine rehabilitation centre in California. With new characters, this movie is bound to have you experiencing all emotions in the space of 1hr 45 mins.

Family friendly flick, release date: 1 February


House Of Cards: Season Five

Kevin Spacey is set to once again reprise his role as US President Frank Underwood, although Netflix are keeping very tight-lipped about what we can expect in season five. A trailer, released on President Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day, simply showed the US flag hanging upside down in front of the White House. What we do know is that Robin Wright will return as First Lady Claire Underwood , along with fellow familiar faces Michael Kelly, Paul Sparks and Neve Campbell. Jeez, Netflix are such a tease!

Release date: 30 May


Netflix and CBC have joined forces to revamp the classic novel, Anne Of Green Gables, which is based in the 1890s. Like the book, the eight-part adaptation centres on a young orphaned girl who is accidentally sent to live with ageing siblings, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. Over time, she not only transforms their lives, but those of everyone living in the town. Given that it has a double-whammy Netflix and CBC budget, this is bound to be good.

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Period drama: Will air in Spring

Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later

Although Wet Hot American Summer was not a record-breaking blockbuster in 2001, it has obtained quite a cult following. The original flick was set on the last day of summer camp in the 1980s and starred the likes of Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks and Amy Poehler. And the great news is, all three are returning for this sequel, which sees what the campers and counsellors are up to a decade on. Will it be a sizzler or a washout? Only time will tell!

Comedy sequel: Release date TBC



Promised to be a laugh a minute, ‘Girlboss’ is a 13-part comedy based on Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography. Sophia, played by ‘Tomorrowland’s’ Britt Robertson, is a rebellious and skint anarchist who suddenly develops an interest in selling vintage clothes…and ends up as a powerful C.E.O. as a result! We have high hopes for this one, as Pitch Perfect creator Kay Cannon is at the helm.

Comedy series: Release date TBC

Stranger Things

SAG Award nominee Millie Bobby Brown returns to Netflix for a second season of this sci-fi cracker, alongside her A-list co-star Winona Ryder. It is thought to be in production already and is a follow-on from series 1, rather than taking an entirely new plot line. Sadly,all other details are so far extremely sketchy. Boo!

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Will air around July