Neon Yellow Hair Is The New Colour You’re Going To Want To Try

yellow hair
Yellow is the new black (@leighdickson & Hairstylezz)

Admit it, you’ve spent hours scrolling through Instagram double tapping on dreamy mermaid ‘dos and lusting after pretty much everything posted by Guy Tang. But the new big thing in hair is a little bolder than the bloranges and pastel pinks we’re used to.

Say hello to neon yellow.

And when we say yellow, we mean YELLOW.

Not blonde.

Not golden highlights.

But in-your-face, radioactive vibes yellow.

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The perfect shade to keep the sunshine season going if, like us, you’re not quite over summer yet.

But the road to achieving it though can be a long journey – you’ll need evenly lightened hair, which means a trip to the salon for a round of bleach (or an DIY attempt at home if you’re brave enough). Any darker patches could result in a slightly different shade, ruining the all over effect.

Basically, watch blogger Sophie Richardson’s video for all the info you need to make your yellow dreams come true.

So, fancy taking the plunge? Try on some of these much-loved dyes on for size.

Manic Panic High Voltage Classic Colour in Sunshine, £11.99

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye in Tweet, £9.89

Crazy Colour Semi Permanent Hair Colour in Canary Yellow, £4.21

La Riche Directions Semi Permanent Hair Colour in Bright Daffodil, £4.99

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