It’s High Time You Learnt To Clean Your Hairbrush

And The Reason Is Really Quite Gross

Each morning you whip out your hairbrush and pull it briskly through your locks before you rush off to work…or brunch. But do you know how clean your hairbrush really is?

We all remove the hair when it builds up, but how many people actually wash those bristles? We imagine none of you. But how vital is it that we give it a good scrub?

Do you need to clean your hairbrush?

This is a firm yes. You wash your make-up brushes don’t you? If you don’t then you should and here’s how to do it cheaply. Make-up brushes build up grime and dirt over time and collect all sorts of bacteria and dust and then you want to put that on your face? We don’t think so. It’s the same with hairbrushes, don’t put that stuff back into your hair.

Neil Barton, Goldwell Ambassador and Owner of Neil Barton Hair says: “People often underestimate how important it is to keep your hairbrush clean, but it is incredibly important.

“Not cleaning your hairbrush can lead to germs and bacteria being passed onto your hair and scalp from the residue on the brush, which can leave your hair looking not only greasy, but also limp and lifeless.

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“Think about it this way…if you’ve just cleaned your hair and then you go over it with a brush you haven’t cleaned in a while, you are just basically making your hair dirty all over again.”

Jay Birmingham, Celebrity Stylist and Owner of Jay Birmingham Hair added: “Naturally your scalp sheds skin and your hair becomes oily at the root as product builds up over time, this can then transfer to your brush and become trapped if you don’t clean it properly on a regular basis. ”

Yeah, we think we’re sold.

clean your hairbrush

How often do you need to clean your hairbrush?

The general advice seems to be every 1-2 weeks, but more frequently if you have long hair. Don’t forget to remove the loose hair a few times a week either. Remember what we told you about those dead skin cells and all that grim bacteria. Exactly.


How do you clean your hairbrush?

Luckily, its not rocket science or costly, just good old warm soapy water will do.

Neil says: “Remove loose hair from your hair brush and give your brush a good deep clean in warm water with mild shampoo.”

It will help avoid the build up of residue and allow you to brush your hair much more easily.

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Now, how long is it since you’ve cleaned your brush? Better step to it. We DREAD to think what’s lurking in ours. BRB.