Nearly Half Of Men Use Dating Apps While In A Relationship, Study Reveals

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Attached men are more likely to use dating apps than women (Pexels)

If you’re just settling down in a shiny new relationship with a guy you actually like, good for you! But you may need to tread carefully if new figures are to believed.

According to a survey of 2,100 Brits by Slater and Gordon Lawyers, 46% of men admitted to using a dating app while in a relationship, while only 21% of women confessed to doing the same.

Among their reasons for straying, 10% said it was out of boredom, 9% cited a dwindling sex life, while 7% put it down to arguments with their partner.

What’s worse, though, is that one in five of those surveyed said they wouldn’t mind their other half using a dating app “because they believe this is just part and parcel of the modern day dating life”, while 35% said that using such apps is a form of “insurance policy”. *rolls eyes*

Happy relationships shouldn’t require a plan B, but, alas, the world of modern dating can be a minefield.

One in ten Brits don’t consider dating apps cheating (Pexels)

However, there is some promising news: 51% said they would dump their partner if they caught them using a dating app, while exactly half would expect their significant other to stop using them altogether as soon as they became official.

While it’s worrying those stats aren’t higher (is monogamy too much to ask these days?), it’s good to see at least half of us feel worthy of someone’s full commitment. Perhaps the other half are just too busy on Tinder…

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