Natalie Portman And Her Kicking Bump Star In The Most Beautiful Music Video Ever

Natalie Portman James Blake

When we see a famous person’s name trending on Twitter, our hearts skip a beat slightly.

So imagine our relief and delight upon discovering that not only is Natalie Portman ABSOLUTELY FINE, but she’s also the star of one of the most beautiful music videos we’ve ever seen.

James Blunt has released the visuals to the equally stunning track ‘My Willing Heart’.

The black and white piece was directed by Anna Rose Holmer, award-winning writer and director of The Fits. It features a heavily pregnant Natalie Portman suspended in water, rolling about on a bed and caressing her bump. At one point, baby Amalia Millipied’s kick is seen reverberating on the skin of her pregnant stomach. At another, curly-haired brother Aleph hugs his mother’s bump.

Its raw, elegant, loving and truly mesmerising. We can’t get enough of it. See it below.

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