Muslim Mum Tired Of Being Excluded Wants You To Take Her ‘Hijab Challenge’


A Muslim vlogger is calling on women to go out wearing a hijab for just 15 minutes in a bid to make more people understand the sense of isolation she experiences.

Nilufa Dahlia from Brighton posted a video through YouTube community Channel Mum revealing how she has struggled to befriend other mums and been verbally abused purely for wearing her hijab in public.

“Come on guys, it’s literally just a piece of cloth on my head. Some people like mini skirts, some people like flat caps, some people love pink and wear it head to toe and some people wear a piece of cloth on their heads. See past the scarf, see the person,” she says, explaining that every Muslim woman has their own reason for wearing the hijab.

“For me it shows that I’m a Muslim woman. It’s to allow people to acknowledge my personality over my looks. There are so many great things about wearing the hijab. If I have a bad hair day you won’t even know and if you’re breastfeeding it’s a great instant cover-up!”

Sadly, 51% of Muslim mums feel lonely, which is not a surprising statistic when 35% of mums admit that they wouldn’t approach a mum wearing a hijab.

Dahlia’s challenge is to put yourself in her shoes and feel for yourself what it is like to be “pointed at, whispered about or even abused”.

Reluctant to try it? We don’t blame you, but remember that this kind of exclusion is what women like Nilufa face every day, simply for being Muslims.

“Tie a scarf or a shawl, anything, and go out,” she says. “I won’t ask you to walk a mile in my shoes, but half a mile? That’ll do.”

Not sure how to tie a hijab? Nilufa has prepped a handy tutorial to help you out.

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