The Hardest Person To Buy For At Christmas Revealed And How We’re Going To Make Buying For HER Way Easier

Christmas gifts for mum

A recent survey has revealed that it’s mums who are the hardest person to buy for at Christmas.

You may have assumed it was the pesky dad or step-dad who don’t seem to want for much. But apparently we all struggle to find Christmas gifts for mums – she’s taken the top spot for most hard to please.

According to research on 1001 UK adults by One4All, we’re having a tricky time buying for over two thirds of family members, but it’s mums who bother us most.

Christmas gifts for mum
2/3 of UK adults find it difficult to find presents for family members or close friends

Why? Not necessarily because they are picky – if that’s what you’re thinking – although 19% say it’s down to that. It’s also because 38% of people feel mums have everything they need. Others (1 in 5), quite sweetly think the difficulty comes because they care so much about that person, they want to get their present right and buy something they really love.

As you may have expected, dads, husbands and brothers also feature in the top five worst people to buy for. Trying to think of a new but inexpensive gadget or anything other than a pair of socks for dads is always no mean feat.

But, after assuming for years it’s dads who we all struggle with, we have perhaps overlooked providing Christmas gifts for mums. So here goes it…

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Christmas gifts for mums

There are few people we know who don’t like cake, sandwiches and/or bubbly. So why not give her the Royal treatment with Champagne afternoon tea at The Royal Horseguards Hotel? £49 for two – buy now on Groupon. One of those things she’s hardly going to buy for herself, plus you’ll probably get to go with her.

Christmas gifts for mums
The Royal Horseguards afternoon tea is on a special offer on Groupon

Give her the gift of words – ‘Milk and Honey’ by Rupi Kaur, £5.51 – buy now on Amazon. It’s a poetry book. But if your mum isn’t into poetry that’s okay. It has rave reviews because of how it appeals to non-typical poetry fans. It really speaks to all women and tackles tricky issues we all face in an accessible way. We follow Rupi on Instagram and we can’t recommend her words enough.

We all love gifts that come in handy, like this Stackers Overnight Travel Jewellery Box – buy now at John Lewis, £28. It’s so irritating when you lose an earring or your necklaces tangle up, so it’s the ideal present.

Christmas gifts for mums
A travel-sized jewellery box is a handy gift most people won’t already have

For those that thought mums already have everything they need this Christmas, think outside the box. They might already own practical items like a brolly, but why not give them a new fun version? This Suck Colour-Changing Umbrella, £23, available at Amazon, we have personally tried and tested and LOVE it. It makes miserable days more fun. The white droplets on the brolly turn into multicoloured ones when they get wet. It never gets old, trust us.

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Christmas gifts for mum
The most fun brolly on the block is a great option from our Christmas gifts for mums selection

If you have a mum who drinks alcohol, boozy gifts will never be unwanted. A bottle of gin might feel boring, but getting them to create their own is the boost this gift needs. Grow It Sloe Gin is available at IWOOT for £10. For the less boozy mums, Grow It Funky Veg, £10.99 at IWOOT, is a lot less boring than it sounds. These vegetables aren’t typical, seeds are included to grow stripy tomatoes and purple carrots plus plenty more.

Christmas gifts for mums
An easy way to grow the funkiest vegetables

Of course, you could just buy her a gift card. One4All cards can be spent in over 55,000 stores from John Lewis to B&Q, M&S and Pizza Express. Then you’ll know your mum is really getting exactly what she wants this Christmas.

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