We’ve Found The Most Googled Beauty Questions Of 2018 And All The Answers. You’re Welcome.

Most Googled beauty questions of 2018

Whether you’re a beauty expert or a mere novice, we’ve all got unanswered questions when it comes to applying make-up (or getting it back off!).

Judging by all the Googled questions this year, we all have an awful LOT of asks regarding our skincare and cosmetic use.

Allure revealed the USA’s most Googled beauty questions of 2018 and we’re going to answer them all for you. Seeing as they’re clearly bothering us all.

Most Googled beauty questions of 2018

1. How to apply magnetic lashes

Vlogger Ashley Nicole Stiles tells us that cutting them in half makes the job far less irritating…

2. What is a lash lift?

If you’re after a more permanent way of lengthening those lashes, then a lash lift is for you. It will lengthen from the root using a chemical and once done, it’ll really open up those peepers.

The best bit about lash lifts vs lash extensions is they last longer (6-8 weeks). You can also rub your eyes without fear of pulling your fake attached lash out, plus the treatment is less than half an hour long. You still can’t use oil-based make-up remover though, but that’s a small price to pay.

3. How to remove individual eyelashes

If this question is aimed at individual lashes applied during professional eyelash extensions, it’s a very different answer to individuals applied with self-adhesive at home. Either way it’s something most of us want to know, so it’s no wonder it’s a most Googled beauty question of 2018.

For professionally-applied, semi-permanent lashes, your best bet is going back to the salon. But, if most have shed naturally and there are just a few strays, we’ve found a great trick. Pour hot water into a bowl and then, without touching the water, hold your face over the steam coming off the water (don’t let it burn you, obvs). Put a towel over your head and the bowl to allow the steam to really get to your lashes. Do this for 10-15 minutes and this should loosen them.

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Beauty bloggers online all seem to then use a variation of either olive oil, baby oil or coconut oil which they place on a make-up remover pad and use it to wipe across the lash. Be careful not to get any in your eye! The lashes should come away – don’t rub hard or force them out though as you don’t want to damage your other natural lashes.

If we’re simply talking about individual lashes applied by you at home, then all you need is an oil-based make-up remover poured onto a cotton pad and the lashes should slide right off once you hold it over the eye area for 20 seconds or so. The glue is not permanent at all so it should just dissolve.

Most Googled beauty questions of 2018
We’re always looking for ways to lengthen and lift eyelashes, which is why there were three questions about lashes in the top three most Googled beauty questions

4. What hair colour looks best on me?

This is a pretty open-ended question. Because what one company thinks suits your skin tone you might well disagree. One professional might tell you pink isn’t for some, but we say, wear what makes you feel happy.

If you’re after a ‘typical’ guide though, Superdrug has one you can check out here.

5. How to do Cat Eye

We’ll let this pro explain…

6. How to take make-up off without make-up wipes

Firstly, we think make-up remover is a whole lot better than make-up wipes. We’re no beauty experts, but after using make-up remover over skin after using a make-up wipe first, we cannot tell you just how much dirt and make-up was left. It was pretty gross. But what we think you actually mean here is if you’re out of remover and/or wipes, what can you do?

While we can’t say these are tried and tested methods, so exercise with a bit of caution, we’ve scoured the web and found these hacks. Coconut oil or most types of oil will effectively move make-up, particularly eye make-up. You could try the hot water in a bowl steam method, where you hang your head over the steam coming off the water for ten minutes and then use cotton pads to remove make-up. Another options is baby wipes or baby lotion – if you’ve got any hanging around – check your baby sister’s bedroom but just don’t wake her up! Vaseline on a cotton bud works well for eye make-up too. You could always try the old school flannel and warm water method too, just don’t use the hand soap as it might dry your skin out.

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7. How to apply aloe vera

Some may have aloe vera plants they use to scoop out the gel, but if like us you simply buy the stuff, here’s how best to apply it.

  • First, make sure you’re not allergic or irritated by aloe vera by rubbing in a patch on your wrist – much less sensitive than the face. Leave it for a while and then wipe clean – if any redness occurs you know this may not be a good treatment for you.
  • If you’re using aloe vera as part of a beauty routine, prep the skin by washing it first, then apply a small layer of aloe vera gel and use an exfoliating flannel or washcloth to help wipe away dead skin cells.
  • Apply to your fingertips then rub into your face in small circles until your whole face is covered.
  • After 30 minutes, remove the gel with water.
  • It’s also great to use for reducing inflammation, sunburn and insect bites reportedly. Apply this direct to your skin and do not exfoliate first.
  • It’s really important to check you’re not allergic first by doing the patch test on your wrist as it may cause reactions. If you’re a particularly sensitive-skinned person too, it is best avoided or speak to a dermatologist first.

8. How to glue down eyebrows

OK so you might be thinking WHY? But actually, this trick is used to cover up existing eyebrows by gluing them, flattening them and then covering them with heavy make-up and concealer. That’s because people want to then create a fake brow over the top that is seriously bold and wouldn’t exist in the real world. It seems to stem from drag queens. But now, make-up and beauty obsessives seem to have followed suit purely to get a dramz brow. Others use it during holidays such as Halloween when they’re trying to create a fancy dress look.

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We are going to show you a tutorial, but, we will not take responsibility if this goes horribly wrong guys. Make sure it’s washable glue, or find one specifically for brows, because if you can’t get it off you’re in trouble. Disclaimer over.

9. How to fix cakey make-up

It’s a woe we all have, so this vlogger is going to teach you the best way to apply make-up to avoid that cakey look.

10. What concealer to use

First things first, when choosing a concealer, don’t go more than two shades lighter than your skin tone. The best way to find that out is going up to a beauty counter and asking them to show you some options.

If you’re using concealer to correct redness or blemishes, choose a green one. Then put skin-coloured concealer or foundation on top to get it back to normal – you don’t want green skin! Lighter than skin tone concealer is used under eyes to lighten dark circles and as already mentioned, goes on top of green correctors/concealers to bring skin tone back to normal.

In terms of which brand, it really is trial and error to see what suits you best. Head into a department store and try different concealers on the counters. It is a great way of finding out for free. We recently heard about a £5 concealer everyone wants to get their hands on, sounds like a bargain!

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