How To Bring The Moon Into Your Home

You might not get to land on the moon but you can replicate it in your bedroom (Photo: Shutterstock)

Space tourism might be on the horizon but for the time being, the closest most of us will get to the moon is staring at it with our feet firmly planted on Earth.

The stunning mystery of the solar system has fascinated us mere mortals for centuries and now, one supremely talented Italian astrophysicist has come up with a way to bring it into our homes.

Maria Elena is not just a science boffin but a yoga-loving artist. The beauty of her planet lamps have blown our minds almost as much as the baffling concept of the universe (okay, so not quite, but they’re pretty damn cool).

She makes these gorgeous home decor gems from recycled garden globes and decorates each one by hand using non-toxic paint.

Jupiter is scientifically accurate and based on NASA photos (Photo: Etsy)

NASA’s most detailed and up to date photos are used as references to make her end results as realistic as possible and she is constantly changing her paintings to reflect any new scientific discoveries.

The damage-resistant lamps can be used inside or outside (Photo: Etsy)

Every one of Maria’s lamps is unique. The moons take between four and six hours to finish because of the six layers she paints on to create the illusion of craters, while planets take even longer.

Neptune takes longer to paint because of its many layers (Photo: Etsy)

“The moon is a trustable reproduction of the moon that we can see in the night sky, with all her craters, seas and hills,” Maria writes on her Etsy site. “The colour depends on the lamp: white light lamps give a golden, romantic touch, while cold light lamps bring out contrasts more similar to reality.

“The surface is texturized and very resistant. The sphere is made of plastic, the pigment is a special non-toxic acrylic and the finishing lacquer is water-based. These characteristics make the lamps immune to falls, scratches and atmospheric damage. You can keep the lamp inside or outside and children can have fun touching it.”

The Mars lamp by astrophysicist Maria Elena (Photo: Etsy)

The custom-made lamps start at £70 for the moon and go up in price to over £100 for planets, so you might want to start heavily hinting to friends and family ahead of your next birthday.