Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown Is Also A Badass Rapper

Millie Bobby Brown
We did not see this one coming (The Tonight Show)

Let’s face it, Millie Bobby Brown is the best thing about Netflix’s Stranger Things. She plays the enigmatic Eleven beyond perfectly, she provides the best Halloween costume inspo of recent years and, not forgetting, the girl is only 13. YES, 13!

But just when you thought the British/American actress couldn’t get any more amazing, she hits us with another bombshell: she’s also a pretty good rapper. And how do we know this information? Because we’ve seen it with our very own eyes.

As part of her appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, which often includes musical skits with celebrity guests, Millie treated us to a Stranger Things series one recap through the medium of rap.

Taking on Cardi B’s massive banger ‘Bodak Yellow‘, she walks us through the big events of last season — which, quite frankly, is pretty helpful as we’d forgotten a lot — with rhythmic precision and off-the-chart levels of sass.

Seriously, we’re so into this, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a Spotify release.

With a role in a major show, modelling contracts, a SAG Award and music video cameos under her belt, what’s stopping her from dropping her own album? Move over Cardi B and make way for Millie BB, we say.

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