Michelle Obama’s Natural Hair Photo Has Gone Completely Viral

Michelle Obama
Photo by Getty

The internet can’t get enough of Michelle Obama’s natural hair today.

When she was in office, the former US First Lady had her hair immaculately pressed by her longtime hairstylist Johnny Wright, and always looked incredible.

But until now, none of Obama’s biggest fans had been able to take a glimpse at what her hair looked like unstyled and fully afro.

One Twitter user, @meagnacarta posted a photograph of the lawyer with her hair looking natural in a low slung ponytail. The origins of the photo – and indeed where it was taken – remain unclear. However, that hasn’t stopped the image wracking up more than 30,000 retweets and an epic number of responses:

The image comes at an interesting time, as the official White House portrait of Melania Trump, the current First Lady, has just been unveiled. And its about as far from “natural” as a picture could be.

The Slovenian former model can be seen forcing a smile in the hugely airbrushed shot. In it, she also flashes her 25 carat diamond sparkler, which is estimated to cost upwards of £2million.

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Here’s how the photo compares to Michelle Obama’s official portrait:

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