Illustrator Reminds Us That Self-Care Doesn’t Have To Be Glamorous

Self-care needn't cost money or take up big chunks of time (Photo: Shutterstock)

Every day we read an article telling us that it’s okay to put ourselves first, to book that massage and buy that handbag we’ve been lusting after.

But one mental health therapist-cum-illustrator has taken it upon herself to remind us all that self-care doesn’t have to be glamourous, take up big chunks of time or cost any money at all.

Changing the bed sheets, taking out the rubbish and doing the dishes can have a positive effect on your wellbeing despite being as boring as hell to do, says Hannah Daisy from London, and she’s right.

Hannah has been sharing her doodles under the hashtag #BoringSelfCare on Instagram in a bid to cut through all the motivational quotes and unrealistic ideas for mental health improvement and offer those struggling some more achievable goals to help them feel better.

Mental health conditions often leave sufferers heavily fatigued, making even the most mundane chores feel like mountains to climb. Hannah wants to celebrate seemingly small accomplishments such as doing a food shop and taking medication as the vital and empowering steps to recovery that they are for so many people.

“I started noticing that online, it was often only about nice, lovely things you can do for yourself – like a bubble bath, a massage or buying nice crystals,” she told Mashable. “In my profession, we talk about self-care involving a much wider range of occupations, or things you have to do every day – doing the dishes, washing, dressing, housework, laundry.”

Let’s stop putting limitations on the meaning of self-care and remember that while manicures are great, cleaning the loo is an act of self-love too.

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