Melania Trump Actually Praised Saudi Arabia For Empowering Women

Photo by Getty

Perhaps Melania Trump does find being banned from driving, participating in politics, wearing anything but conservative clothing and having absolutely no control over your own personal finances empowering. In which case, perhaps – perhaps – this is a little unfair. Only almost every single woman in the world would probably agree these were pretty awful laws to have to live under because, through no choice of your own, you were born with a vagina.

Nevertheless, the First Lady of the United States, who accompanied President Donald Trump on a trip to Saudi Arabia wearing a gold belt many on Twitter suggested indicated she had recently won a WWE wrestling world title, praised the country for doing exactly that:

The GE Centre is apparently the first all female process service centre in Riyadh, the Saudi capital. Not that any of the women there were able to take themselves to work 0r probably even cash in their own pay cheques. “Great strides” being the phrase we’re particularly hung up on here.

The Human Rights Watch goes into some detail about the Saudi record on the rights of women and girls here. We implore you to read if you haven’t done so already.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump made a predicable pig’s ear of his speech on Islam to scores of Islamic leaders in what has been labelled one of the most “patronising” talks he’s ever given. You can watch it below:

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