Meghan Markle Was The Most Googled Person In 2018 – Here’s Why

meghan markle
Meghan's most recent appearance came at the British Fashion Awards (conversationsabouther)

Imagine being soooo famous that everyone knows who you are – or at least wants to know who you are? That’s the life new royal Meghan Markle is living right now, proving that the British Monarchy still has as much pull and popularity as ever.

Candian native Meghan was the most Googled person of 2018 – the second year running she’s topped Google UK’s search service results – cementing herself as a firm favourite with us Brits. But why?

Meghan Markle’s mega year

It’s hardly surprising, as she’s had quite the year. Her engagement to Prince Harry was only announced last November, with their historic wedding quickly taking place soon after in May 2018. It’s reported that almost 18 million people tuned in to watch their nuptials take place, with a peak of 13.1 million at one time, so it makes total sense that she’d be the most popular person online too.

Not forgetting that just months later the couple announced exciting baby news, with their royal brood due in spring 2019.

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Hitting the headlines

Not only did Meghan’s name top the search terms, but her huge life events topped news story searches too. ‘Royal wedding’ and ‘Royal baby’ were the two top trending news stories on Google for 2018, showing that people couldn’t get enough of Harry and Meghan’s whirlwind romance.

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However, they weren’t the only names on the list this year. Meghan was closely followed by former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett, who caused major controversy after claims of being punched during her Celebrity Big Brother stint this summer.

The third and fourth spots went to Demi Lovato and Ant McPartlin, who both hit the headlines for their addictions this year. Demi checked into rehab in July after an alleged relapse, while Ant’s drink-driving escapade caused a three-car crash back in March.

However, the overall most searched term of 2018 was ‘World Cup’, with England making it all the way to the semi-finals of the competition in a surprise streak of success, before famously being beaten by Croatia.

But with Meghan and Harry’s first child due around April time next year, we expect they’ll be up towards the top of the list for yet another year running!