Megan Barton-Hanson Needs To Pipe Down About The ‘Unmanliness’ Of Dancing On Ice Costumes

Dancing On Ice
Megan Is getting called out for her comments

So Megan Barton-Hanson has riled us and the Twittersphere.

Love Island Megan’s boyfriend Wes Nelson, 20, who she met on the reality show earlier this year, is set to appear on Dancing on Ice which airs in January. But when asked by Fabulous magazine if the 24-year-old be supporting him, she said:  “Do you know what? I’m nervous to see him in sequins.

“I think I’m going to cringe so hard. That is so not manly. So we’ll see how it goes. First week, if he’s not absolutely repulsive and cringing me out, I might go back.”

She also expressed how she cringes at the “ballroom faces”.

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We don’t know about you, but us at Shevolution are pretty fed up of the term ‘manly’. What even is manly?

Surely manly can be whatever you want it to mean? It’s just like saying women who dress in trousers and not dresses are unfeminine, isn’t it?

It’s OK though, because professional ice skater Matt Evers, 42, who has been partnered with Gemma Collins for the upcoming show, totally shut her down on Twitter.

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Matt said: “Hmmmm Megan…. don’t think picking girls up for a living and wearing Lycra…is unmanly or cringey (see second pic). This show is my career and my passion. It’s unfair to criticise this show and the work we are all putting in. There’s nothing unmanly about @dancingonice” [sic].

Picking another human being up with one arm is a pretty impressive feat, not to mention learning all those steps and doing it all without falling over. And you know what, we reckon Wes will look pretty damn great in sequins too. We assume his partner on the ice Vanessa Bauer will be more supportive at least.

We all say silly things Meg, but maybe show some support for Wes, his sequins and his tough regime, yeah?

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