Meet Dreph, The Street Artist Empowering Black Women Through Beautiful Murals

Dreph's You Are Enough series aims to empower the black women in his community (Dreph/Instagram)

Murals of black women have been popping up around London, thanks to street painter Dreph.

The graffiti artist, full name Neequaye Dreph Dsane, has turned to his closest female pals for inspiration and made people notice them.

His dazzling You Are Enough series aims to empower “normal” black women by giving them greater visibility and drawing attention to the “extraordinary things” they do in their communities.

Dreph has painted charity workers, health consultants, youth workers, teachers and psychotherapists who work with sexual assault survivors.

Photos of the murals can be admired on his Instagram feed, with many showing his muse standing alongside them.

“I just think it’s important that all stories are told and right now I’m celebrating black women,” he tells Channel 4 in a short documentary made about his project.

“I don’t think their stories are told enough so I’m telling them by myself. I take my cans and my ladder and do my paintings. It’s that simple.

“The work is sitting within a context. Donald Trump becoming president, the Women’s March, the conversations we are having now about inequality and pay.

“I think we’re all under pressure to be other than ourselves. If we can just remember that we are enough then I think that can go a long way.”

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Linett Kamala, an artist, teacher and education campaigner who has been suffering from depression for a number of years, was moved to tears after seeing herself in mural.

“For me art has been a real opener, it has the power of healing,” she says. “[It’s important for] young girls in particular to read stories like my own and then to realise that we can get through and achieve in life.”

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