Meet The Couple Spending £4K On A Wedding For Their Dogs

Posh Pets

If you’ve got a pet, it’s likely it is the centre of your world. But these animal lovers have taken dog ownership to an entirely new level.

Meet Debi and Bob, ‘parents’ to spoilt pooches Honey and Joey. The couple are also millionaires and there is absolutely no expense spared when it comes to their mutts.

You see, Honey – a Teacup Chihuahua – is in a long-term relationship with Chihuahua cross Joey and they are set to tie the knot…in a wedding costing an eye-watering £4,000.

Debi and Bob, who live on a four-acre estate in Kent, feature in a new ITV series called ‘The Secret World Of Posh Pets’ and they have let the cameras follow them in the lead up to Honey and Joey’s big day.

Secret World Of Posh Pets

But like all weddings, there is an element of stress involved. In this case, Honey’s hemline on her bridal gown is too long and Fifi, a hairy little savage, is threatening to ruin the whole event.

Meanwhile, the first episode of the six-part series also features mother and daughter duo Louise and Sophie, who own 30 African pygmy hedgehogs.

The pair breed the little animals but are fiercely protective and have a strict vetting process when it comes to rehoming their babies.

To be fair, we can’t argue with that!

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The Secret World Of Posh Pets, 8pm, ITV1, Friday 30 June. 


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