McDonald’s Charges You More For Your Big Mac Depending On Where You Live

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Cheeky! But it’s not a lie either. McDonald’s isn’t charging you a ridiculous amount for every single meal. But depending on where you live in the UK, you could be paying a bit extra for a Big Mac.

Research carried out by Bonus Code Bets that was picked up by The Sun states that a Big Mac burger filled with cheese, lettuce and that glorious burger sauce will cost an extra 40p depending on your location in the UK.

So where are these hellish places that think it’s okay to charge us extra?

Well it turns out that if you reside in the country’s capital, good ol’ London town. Then you’ll be paying £3.39 for that extra special burger.

We’re not really surprised by this news. Because let’s face it, London’s quite a rip off for most things so why would a fast-food meal be any different?

What we are a little shocked with, is Stevenage is the other location where you’ll be charged this slightly more expensive price for a Big Mac.

Yep, Stevenage. It doesn’t really make any sense does it? It’s not a main city like Manchester or Leeds and it’s not even next door to London like Essex.

Yet it seems someone thought, hey I know what we can do. We’ll top up their prices too just for fun.

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The official answer of course, came from an official McDonald’s spokesperson talking to The Sun.

“We offer guidance around pricing, but ultimately our franchisees decide on those which are set, based on a number of factors including on-going operational costs depicted by each site” they said.

On the other hand, if you happen to live in Edinburgh, Clacton or even Leicester, you’ll only be charged £2.99 for your Big Mac.

Is it weird that we actually want to head to one of those places JUST to have the luxury of a cheaper burger?