Marks And Spencer Has Revealed A Plus-Size ‘Curve’ Range And It Won’t Just Appeal To Your Mum

Marks & Spencer Plus Size
Marks & Spencer 'Curve'

The high street retailer has revealed a Curve range, aimed at women who wear sizes 18-32.

The high street brand has always catered for women’s sizes up to 22, so it’s nice to see they’ve given their plus-size range it’s own little feature, rather than just additions on the end of the current offering.

What’s even better about this range is the fact that the pieces are really trendy and decently priced.

Not only that, but the clothing within the Curve range, are actually ones you’d want to wear – so that’s a huge plus. The collection consists of over 100 products, so women won’t be short on being able to find something to wear.

Originally we’d have classed M&S a bit old for us, but having seen this new range, it looks pretty damn promising. It’ll be available to buy in 30 stores from 23 January across the UK and online, so they’ve def taken customer convenience into account.

Marks & Spencer has commented saying that they decided to pursue this line as a response to an “increased desire among customers” who were sick of trying to fit into clothes that weren’t really appropriate for their proportions, but were tailored with their particular body shapes in mind.

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The brand have even gone one step further and created size 20 mannequins so girls and women can visualise what the clothes will look like on a body.

To create the line, Marks & Spencer worked closely with style influencer, Danielle Vanier, and she even designed two of the black dresses herself.

She said, “I have taken a few elements of what I loved about this piece and created two new dresses for the collection. I have added some subtle sports details, like hard-wear on the waist and mesh layering for a contemporary feel.”

While some of the pieces will of course cater to the typical M&S customer, it seems like they’re really opening out their offering to a slightly younger audience with their trendier pieces. From gingham and blazers, to wrap dress, printed shirts and LBDs, we think they’re definitely on the right track.

The full collection is now available here.


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