Dr Marcel Just Dropped His First Solo Single

Marcel Love Island
Marcel is back with a brand new track, called "Someone" (ITV)

It was only a matter of time.

Love Island’s own Marcel Somerville, also known as Doctor Marcel for his in demand agony uncle advice in the villa, has dropped his first solo single whether you like or…not.

The former Blazin’ Squad rapper (he used to be in Blazin’ Squad, don’t cha know?) released “Someone”, which sounds like it was written with Ibiza PA appearances in mind, on Friday.

Have a little listen:

Marce isn’t forgetting his roots in a hurry, mind. He is getting back together with some of his ex-bandmates for a squad reunion gig at Koko London on 26 November. Such is the hype that tickets have already sold out. Soz?

“I have my own single on my own label coming out this week but I wanted to do something with the boys,” he revealed on Good Morning Britain. “There was a lot of love for us on the show and all the fans who supported me.”

“Someone” is Marcel’s first release in 16 years (16!) since that old Blazin’ banger “Crossroads”. He has been working as a music producer since the band’s split in 2006.

Marcel came fourth in Love Island with girlfriend Gabby Allen. He releases his own book, Dr Marcel’s Little Book of Big Love: A Guide To Finding Love later this month. That is what we call a tight turnaround given he left Majorca less than three weeks ago…ahem.

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Basically my book is gonna be just me sharing my experiences through and romance,” he hinted. “I’ve been on Love Island so it’s gonna be a lot of my journey through that and also my love and romance life before I went onto the island and it’s just gonna be a bunch of tips and easy guide to modern love init.’”

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