The Marcel And Blazin’ Squad News Absolutely No One Asked For

Marcel Love Island
Marcel is back with a brand new track, called "Someone" (ITV)

We interrupt your perfectly reasonable afternoons with a piece of information that is neither wanted, requested or needed.

Blazin’ Squad – yes, those lads who ruined Bone Thugs N Harmony for a generation by murdering “Crossroads” – are getting back together for a reunion tour.

Ollie Georgiou, Marcel from ‘Love Island’s former bandmate and BFF, confirmed the news to Metro.

“It will be the original line up”, he said. “Obviously there’s 10 of us. I’m not sure if all 10 of us will be doing it, but there will be a good chunk of doing it.”

So, not the full line-up then.

Blazin' Squad in 2004
Blazin’ Squad at the Crossroads in 2004 – Photo by Getty

“It’s been a long while since a lot of us have been on stage and toured. Fingers crossed! We’ve had the offers from promoters so hopefully. If it can come together then all good.

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“We do do shows still with four or five of us so we’re regularly in touch. We talk about it, but this has brought it to the forefront. The time is now to do it. [Marcel]’s done us all proud. He’s one of my closest mates in the group but yeah we’re all in touch.”

New music is also threatened, with Marcel taking a creative lead.

We’re really sorry, everyone. We really are.

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