How To Nail The Beautiful Marble Lips Beauty Trend

marble lips

Lippies are our favourite makeup product, hands-down, so it’s understandable that we’re getting rather excited about the latest Instagram trend for marble lips.

Our beauty drawers are stashed full of every shade of lippy under the sun from pinks and reds to more out there blues, purples and metallics but after a while, simple all-over colours can get boring.

That’s where makeup tutorials come in, to teach us how to do something a little jazzier with our pouts.

Try this one by beauty vlogger Suuz Brouwer for beautifully realistic marble lips:

Or this one by Emily Grace for something more dramatic:

To create a stunningly elegant stone lip, all you need is a selection of lip shades, a delicate lip liner brush, an eye for detail and a close-up mirror.

Once the main technique is mastered, you can experiment with different patterns, bolder colours and glitter. Soon your lips will be the talk of the town like some of these beauties:

Roll on Saturday night and getting ready with the girls. Though maybe go easy on the wine if you want to keep a steady hand…