How Many Times A Week Is It ‘Normal’ To Have Sex?

Couple sex
Photo by Matheus Ferrero

Ah, that word ‘normal’ again. Anyone who knows anything about anything knows that there is no such thing.

But surveys can be an interesting way to curtain twitch on what other people might be getting up to behind closed doors. That is assuming, of course, that they’re all telling the truth.

A new study by Mintel saw almost 2,000 men and women interviewed about their sex lives with some very interesting results.

According to their findings, only one in five of us have sex three times a week, while a meagre 3 per cent claim they get some action every day.

On Average, a UK resident will have sex 5,778 times in their life. Assuming that these people are sexually active from 16 to 60, that works out to around 2,808 hours of our lives having sex, which is approximately 0.45 per cent of our lifetimes.

Suddenly being ‘average’ doesn’t seem so bad.

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