Why So Many People Of Colour Are Seriously Happy About The Next Royal Wedding

royal wedding
Meghan Markle will be the first mixed-race royal (Image via PopSugar)

It’s not every Monday we’re hit with the news of a Royal Wedding, but today was an extra special day, with the British Monarchy announcing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement.

While the pair actually got engaged earlier this month, people are not only jumping for joy today because it’s finally been confirmed, but because their nuptials are about to change the game. Big time.

Just take one look at pictures of our Royal Family and you’ll notice they’re all very, very white and very, very British. Despite European influences in the gene pool, such as the Queen’s husband Prince Philip, pretty much all of our high profile monarchs are of white British heritage.

Now, before you say ‘well that’s just how it is’, it’s definitely not how it has to be – and not how it will be now Harry and Meghan are preparing to walk down the aisle in 2018. And many people of colour couldn’t be happier.

For the first time in our history, we’ll see a woman of colour marry a prince, making Meghan Markle a real-life princess – or Duchess, at the very least. She’s American born, mixed race, with an African-American mother and caucasian father, making her our most diverse female monarch to date.

In a time when the call for better representation across all walks of life is stronger than ever – be it on our TV screens or in business boardrooms – Meghan will undoubtedly break boundaries and make history when she says ‘I do’ next year. Not to mention she’s a humanitarian and a feminist, so she’s sure to shake up the palace in so many ways, which is more than needed in 2017.

In short, we are here for all of this. 👏

Plus, if Meghan and Harry do choose to start a family, they’ll also be bringing a whole new generation of mixed-race royals into the world, which can only be a good thing. People of colour will at last be able to see themselves represented in the highest ranks of British society, proving that they too can be princes and princesses if they want to.

Congrats Harry and Meghan!

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