Lush Launches Bath Bomb Subscription Service

Lush bath bombs
Bath bombs are one of Lush's most popular products (Pip on Flickr)

No one does bath bombs like Lush, which is why the hugely popular cosmetics brand is launching its first subscription service.

Never again will we have to run a bath devoid of colour, glitter and glorious smells. Praise be to the soapy gods.

To start receiving your favourite bath bomb on the regular, all you have to do is select the subscription option when adding an order to your basket. You can decide how often the item is redelivering, choosing between every month to every six months.

It’s not just bath bombs you can subscribe to either, as the service applies to any item available to buy from the Lush website, so long as it is not limited edition.

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The exact UK launch date is yet to be announced but Lush has confirmed that the service is coming over here sharpish. State-side customers can already enjoy it.

So, which bath bomb will you choose once the greatest thing since sliced bread finally reaches our shores?

Below is just a handful of our favourites, all cruelty-free of course:

Mother of Dragons, because anything Game of Thrones-inspired gets our thumbs up (£3,95, buy here)

Metamorphosis, for its dramatic, unexpected explosion of colour (£4.25, buy here)

Intergalactic, for a trippy, space-age dip (£4.25, buy here)

Sex Bomb for a pink and pretty riot of rose (£3.75, buy here)

Experimenter, to create your own watery rainbow (£4.25, buy here)

Sink back and enjoy…

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