The Battle To Resist The Love Island Water Bottle Is Real

Love Island water bottle
Nice water bottle you have there Gabs. Really nice water bottle... (ITV)

If, like us, you and your pals have set up a WhatsApp group dedicated to Love Island (ours is called #squadnews in honour of Marcel’s blazin’ past), chances are you’ll have mentioned how awesome the gang’s personalised water bottles are.

We have good news and bad news. The good news is that you can buy your own water bottle through the in-app shop. The bad news is that £18.40 including postage is serious cash to splash on what is essentially a lump of clear plastic with your name emblazoned (hear that, Marcel?) onto it.

Still tempted despite knowing that this is something you probably should not do? That’s totally fine. So are we. So are tons of Love Island fans on Twitter:

It’s probably best to make a pact with your friends that none of you will buy one to avoid water bottle envy from basically forcing you to do your bank account some damage.

Our special report

Investigative journalism comes in many forms so, for the greater good of humanity, we took it upon ourselves to scroll through a ton of photos from past episode in search of water bottles.

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While doing so, we spotted a picture of them all lined up together and – shock horror – Olivia’s bottle on the end there is starting to look a little worse for wear. You’ll notice that some of the pink scrawl has started to rub off (she’ now Olia), and it’s only been a fortnight:

Love Island water bottle
Don’t expect your water bottle to last long (ITV)

Still struggling with overwhelming temptation? Better grab your card and be done with it. Because, just as Olivia ‘fell’ onto Chris in the corridor the other night, these things happen, right?

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