This Instagram Feed Tells You Where You Can Buy Your Favourite Love Island Outfits

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Recoupling is the perfect excuse for us to perv on the girls' enviable wardrobes (ITV)

Love Island may be about the romantic dramz first and foremost, but it’s also essentially a seven-week long fashion parade, and we’re here for it.

Which is why we feel it’s our duty to inform you that there is an ace Instagram feed cataloguing all the girls’ outfits with details about where you can buy them for yourselves.

Those nights spent lusting over Tyla’s 38 bikinis (hey, you might not like her after Jamilla-gate, but she’s got beaut swimwear), Camilla’s embroidered shirts and Liv’s lacy going out dresses have not gone to waste.

Head on over to Love Island Outfits for all your sartorial needs. If there’s something missing that you really want the scoop on, their direct messages are open so you can shoot them a request.

Camilla is basically a walking Zara model (girl after our own heart), Montana often champions Oh Polly and Gabby has been hitting up River Island for her summery accessories.

Here are just a few of our favourites hot from the Love Island villa:

Ambers dress is from @motelrocks for £50 💛 #loveisland

A post shared by LOVE ISLAND OUTFITS (@loveislandoutfits) on

@montanarosebrown1 wearing @ohpolly £35.

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Crucially, the girls tend to shop high street (bar Liv’s £225 Agent Provocateur cossie, that is), meaning their style is totally affordable. No prizes for guessing where our next paycheck is going…

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