Peek Inside The Incredible New Love Island House

Love Island Villa
The contestants all share one massive bedroom - it's asking for trouble (ITV)

The general election might be next Thursday but there’s another key date in our diaries first: the return of Love Island on Monday.

Oh yes, the political drama might be ramping up in Westminster but, unless we’ve missed something, it’s all gone silent on the romance front. P-Midz’s wedding has been and gone and our gossip craving hearts are starved, so the thought of snuggling up on the sofa with our pals to laugh, cry and scream at others’ misadventures in love is glorious to say the least. It’s escapism at its finest and, guilty pleasure or not, we’re counting down the days.

To fuel our excitement, ITV has shared the first photos of the Majorcan villa where this year’s bunch of singletons will be love nesting, and it looks lovely.

The stone farmhouse has pretty blue shutters and is surrounded by rural countryside, with its exact location remaining unknown. There can be no complaints about a lack of pampering as it comes complete with an infinity pool, a hot tub, a gym, a designated beauty station.

Just in case the contestants are in any doubt that they’re expected to give us something to chat about in the office, there’s a hidden boudoir completely with furry blanket (clearly no-one told them it was summer) and phrases such as “get laid” and “all night long” are scrawled all over the walls. Spotted in the bathroom: “wet”. Spotted in the beauty station:“banging”. Make of that what you will.

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Click on the first photo to open the gallery:

Turning to the islanders, there are six girls and five boys ready to hit the house, including an ex-Blazing Squad squaddie, the rumoured former flame of Prince Harry’s, an Essex hairdresser, a one-time Cirque du Soleil dancer, a glamour model and the ex-girlfriend of Towie’s own Jon Clark.

Love Island
This year’s rowdy bunch of contestants are ready to hit the island (ITV)

The finale will see the public vote to crown the most genuine couple (who, by the way, certainly needn’t be straight). They then decide whether to keep the £50,000 cash prize to themselves or split it among everyone. See, Love Island is political after all.

Naturally, we’re hoping for an even more raucous series than the last, which saw Zara Holland stripped of her Miss Great Britain title after shagging Alex Bowen on the telly (the whole scandal stunk of double standards, but that’s for another day…).

In yet more exciting news, there’s a new weekly studio spin-off show, Love Island: Aftersun, to look forward to, just in case your obsession needed fuelling in between updates.

Love Island returns on 5 June at 9pm on ITV. Be there or….be out of the conversation.

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