Love Island is returning for summer 2017 and we’re not sure how we feel about it. Yes, we admit, we do watch it and we do put it on series link. It’s one of those programmes we can’t get enough of but hate in equal proportions. But whether we like it or not, Caroline Flack’s voiceover was heard on ITV2’s new advert, confirming the news.

What we love about it

We admit, the arguments do pull us in. The drama is infectious when it’s not us involved. The producers are like puppet masters, inciting bickering with a simple announcement or ‘game’. Trying to guess who said what about who? Not that fun when you’re the subject mind. When it doesn’t get too deep, it really is quite entertaining.

We do appreciate the refreshing honesty too. Don’t like someone and they just tell them (after a little bitch of course). These people aren’t afraid of a confrontation.

We love that it reminds us of the chavvy teen in us. Yes we went to Magaluf and no we will not be going again. But Love Island reminds us of the care-free days with our pals hungover on the beach as well as the cheeky snogs and so forth. It’s like a holiday romance without us getting involved directly.

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Real romances have actually come from it. Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen are engaged and Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas are still going strong.

Getty Images/ Anthony Harvey

The hot bodies on show. Well, who can resist a well-oiled torso?

Watching the relationships on-screen is like going out for cocktails with our girls. We hear about sex in great detail, all the ridiculous things their date has said to them and how awkward it was when they finished things. The only difference is you see all the frisky behaviour too.

Same-sex relationships were finally embraced on last year’s Love Island and we’re glad they’ve caught up with the times.

What we hate about it

The first episode is always a little cringe-inducing. Pick which girl/guy you fancy most from this line up seems so wrong. And there’s always someone who is going to be left until last, not good for confidence now is it?

Some of the people really are infuriatingly dim and we want to bang our heads against the wall every time they speak. But that’s just the same as life we guess. Up your game 2017 people.

We’ve viewed scenes where men have talked down to women and even made them feel embarrassed for not being more forward. Not OK.

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It makes us want to be laying poolside with a strawberry daiquiri in hand. Not in that villa or with the cast, but still.

Why can’t Love Island producers select more broadly in terms of cast members? Why are they all ripped, tattoed and can only talk about their sexual conquests in conversation?

The girls often forget it should be girls before bros. Remember girl power all the way.

Credit: ITV

And that’s our twopence worth. Love it or hate it, it’s back. The exact date is not yet confirmed, but last year’s started on the second bank holiday in May, so get it in your diaries just in case.

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