Love Actually Fans Rejoice: Peter And Mark Are STILL Mates In The Sequel

Behind the scenes of Love Actually
Twitter/ @emmafreud

The Love Actually sequel is only weeks away, but one of the burning questions on everyone’s lips is whether Mark and Pete are still friends?

Good news, guys – they are! But does this mean Mark ditched his ‘to me you are perfect’ cards before Peter got wind of what went down on his doorstep….?

In new behind scenes snaps of the second instalment, which is being filmed especially for this year’s Red Nose Day, the characters – played by Andrew Lincoln and Chiwetel Ejiofor – can be seen sharing a chuckle or two together.

Love Actually writer Emma Freud posted the sneak peek pictures on Twitter, telling fans: “Brothers in arms. And noses. Everyone on the #rednosedayactually SO happy these guys are here tonight. Esp me.”

Among the pics, there was also one of Andrew holding yet more cards (we can’t wait to see what they say!) and Emma joked: “Andrew Lincoln + Cards + Doorstep = Deep Joy #rednosedayactually.”

And beside a shot of Kiera Knightley, who plays Peter’s wife Juliet, she added: “At least someone thinks Andrew Lincoln is funny. Keira Knightley more beautiful than ever. #tomeyouareperfect.”

News of a Love Actually sequel first broke last month but details are still quite sketchy. It also appears there may be some new famous faces joining the cast, as none other than supermodel Kate Moss featured among Emma’s photos!

Wearing a leopard print coat, Kate is cosying up to Andrew in a picture and Emma asked: “Oh. What’s SHE doing here? Caption competition. Answers to @rednoseday.”

This is just TOO much!

The Love Actually sequel is due to air during Comic Relief, which airs on BBC One, Friday 24 March. Set your TVs to record NOW!