Lord Buckethead Steals The Spotlight During Chaotic General Election

lord buckethead
Lord Buckethead joins Howling Laud Hope and Elmo on the platform (Getty Images)

If you’re just waking up, you have a lot to catch up on. In brief, Prime Minister Theresa May has had a shocker, losing her Conservative majority and resulting in a Hung Parliament.

But before you start feeling overwhelmed with all the political chatter, it’s our duty to quickly fill you in on our highlight of the night. Meet the man, the myth, the legend: Lord Buckethead.

The photos speak for themselves, but May was met in Maidenhead by an eclectic array of fellow candidates, with Lord Buckethead accompanied by Elmo and the Official Monster Raving Loony Party’s Howling Laud Hope.

In his manifesto, Lord Buckethead had promised “strong, but not entirely stable, leadership” and pledged to “turn this safe seat into an ejector seat” and “invest in schools, NHS, housing, social care, local infrastructure and other things that humans vote for”.

Tweets praising his mad soon began rolling in and he eventually left with a pretty-damn-impressive-actually 249 votes: “a new Buckethead record”, apparently. May, meanwhile, won the seat with 37,718 votes


Described in his Twitter bio as an “intergalactic space lord” who enjoys “planet-conquering, dominating inferior species, and Lovejoy”, Lord Buckethead can be seen standing directly next to May in one particularly fabulous picture.

Only in Britain.

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