London Fashion Week Ended With A Bang – And Not Just From Anna Wintour’s Attendance

London Fashion Week Queen
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Once again London Fashion Week has come and gone for another season, but this time round, we had an extra special attendee.

Normally, if any of the designers catch wind of Anna Wintour making an appearance, they’ll all scramble with the schedules in order to make sure their catwalks and presentations are available for her visit.

I mean, why wouldn’t you – it is THE Anna Wintour, the Editor in Chief of Vogue USA, also recognised as the Fashion Bible of the entire world!

But this time, even Anna Wintour’s limelight was stolen from an extra special British guest.

Our dear Queen Elizabeth II turned up at London Fashion Week for the very first time EVER.

Now that’s something to talk about!

Considering people are barely able to touch her when shaking hands or curtseying (if they’re lucky enough to get the chance to meet Her Royal Highness in person), imagine the delight (and potential sheer nervous horror), when she’s sitting right next to you, front row.

Well we imagine (or would at least like to think) this is exactly how Anna Wintour felt. She’s fashion royalty after all, but how best to upstage that? Be the Queen and sit right down next to her.

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More shockingly, it doesn’t seem like she had any security surrounding her and keeping any mere mortals (or civilians) from sitting right by her.

She sat on the FROW for the designer Richard Quinn’s show.

But why him and not another designer?

Well it turns out she wasn’t just there to support the show, but to actually award Richard himself with the Inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design at his AW18 presentation.

According to Refinery29, the statement made by the Royal Central said:

“The Queen Elizabeth II Award aims to provide continuing recognition of the cultural and trade role the British design and fashion industry has played, and continues to play, throughout Her Majesty’s reign. The award itself was designed by Angela Kelly, inspired by the Queen Elizabeth rose, and has been hand-produced by Lucy Price at Bauhinia Studios in Birmingham’s famous jewellery quarter.”

That’s pretty darn cool of Queen Elizabeth to do this honour then and it proves just how prestigious this award is considering she’s making less and less public appearances these days.

And to turn up at LFW for her very first visit, aged 91? She’s just full of surprises. Same time next season?

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