Literally Just 20 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Make In 15 Minutes

Halloween Costume
These costumes couldn't be easier (Instagram: @taee_tori)

With the Halloween weekend just one day away, now’s the time to start panicking about that costume you totally forgot to order last week.

However, there’s not need to fear if you haven’t got Amazon Prime at your fingertips, as there are still plenty of ways to create a banging costume with the minimum of effort. Whether you’ve got 24 hours or 15 minutes to plan your look, take a snoop at the inspiring outfits below that’ll calm that ‘what on earth am I going to wear?!’ flap.


What you’ll need: A green dress and some pegs

Effort level: 3.5/5. A quick dash to Primark and Poundland should do it.

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Mia Wallace

What you’ll need: White shirt, black trousers and a black wig

Effort level: 2/5. This couldn’t be easier, just run to your local costume shop for the wig.

Cheshire Cat

What you’ll need: A pink outfit and a colourful eyeshadow palette

Effort level: 4/5. You’ll need a bit of time in front of the mirror for this one, but as long as you’ve got pink, purple and white eyeshadows, you’re set.


What you’ll need: Gold and black eyeshadow, two hair bands and a nude outfit

Effort level: 1.5/5. Paint your face, tie your hair in two buns and go.

Black cat

What you’ll need: A black outfit, cat ear headband and black eyeliner

Effort level: 1/5. If you don’t have time to buy then headband, just cut and stick some black card to one of your own.


What you’ll need: A black outfit and black eyeliner

Effort level: 0.5/5. Draw on the webs with your eyeliner and wear whatever else you want. Easy!


What you’ll need: Pink dress, white socks and a blonde wig

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Effort level: 4/5. Simple if you own some of the pieces already, but not too hard to get hold of if you don’t.


What you’ll need: A black outfit and some black eyeshadow or eyeliner

Effort level: 2/5. Carefully slap on the shadow or eyeliner, slip into a black outfit and go.

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Three Blind Mice

What you’ll need: A black outfit, mouse ears or black card

Effort level: 2.5/5. Reach for your Mickey Mouse ears, or cut out some ears from card and attach them to an old headband.


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Audrey Hepburn

What you’ll need: Black dress, pearls and gloves

Effort level: 3.5/5. Grab yourself a cheap pair of costume gloves and some pearls, pop your hair in a bun and you’re done.

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Black Swan

What you’ll need: Black and white eyeshadow and/or eyeliner

Effort level: 2/5. This look is all in the make-up, but if you’ve got a tutu to hand, throw it on too.

Scary scarecrow

What you’ll need: Check shirt, dungarees and black eyeliner

Effort level: 1.5/5. Thank god dungarees and check shirts are in fashion! Put yours on and add the creepy details in the makeup.

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Creepy doll

What you’ll need: A cutesy dress, plus pink, red and black eyeshadow

Effort level: 1.5/5. Once your makeup’s done you’re pretty much good to go.

Wonder Woman

What you’ll need: A colourful eyeshadow palette and a steady hand

Effort level: 3.5/5. This pop art inspired look is a whole costume in itself. Slip on a red dress and you’re set.

Saw puppet

What you’ll need: A white shirt, black jacket, red bow tie and basic makeup

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Effort level: 3/5. The makeup couldn’t be easier, but you’ll need the red bowtie to really finish the look.

Lizzy McGuire

What you’ll need: A pink vest top, cropped blue trousers, flip flops and a blonde wig

Effort level: 3.5/5. You should be able to grab this whole look with one quick Primark spree.

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What you’ll need: Polka dot top and black and white eyeshadow

Effort level: 2/5. If you own a polka dot top, you’re all set. Add some canine makeup and get partying.

Captain Jack Sparrow

What you’ll need: A dark scarf and black eyeliner

Effort level: 3/5. Give your eyeliner a good smudge, add a headscarf and slip into your baggiest pirate garbs.

Ouija board

What you’ll need: A black eyeliner pencil

Effort level: 1/5. Get drawing and basically wear whatever you want. Simple as!


Damian from Mean Girls

What you’ll need: A hoody, sunglasses and a piece of paper

Effort level: 0.5/5. Could this costume be any simpler? We think not.

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