Lindsay Lohan Claims She Was ‘Racially Profiled’ At Heathrow

Lindsay Lohan
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Red-haired, ivory-skinned American Lindsay Lohan claimed that she was “racially profiled” at Heathrow Airport as she flew into London from Turkey.

The actress, who is currently considering converting to Islam, was wearing a headscarf as she landed in the UK capital, only to reportedly be told to remove it when she went through border control.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, the Mean Girls star said: “I got stopped recently and was racially profiled… She opened my passport, saw ‘Lindsay Lohan’ and immediately started apologising. But then said take off your headscarf.”

She said she was “kind of shocked” by the incident, but couldn’t explain what the motivation behind her being stopped actually was.

Lohan was later asked about her reported conversion to the Muslim faith.

Lindsay Lohan

“I don’t wanna speak on something that I haven’t finished yet. I don’t think that’s right,” she replied. “It’s a consideration I have.”

Rather more unpopular – and perhaps missing the whole Muslim Ban point – were her seemingly defensive comments about Donald Trump.

“People are making it overly dramatic,” she said of the anti-misogyny, anti-racism and anti-war movements against Trump’s hard right policies. “What’s the point in picking on someone in case of just seeing what they’re capable of, or not capable of?”

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We think we may have seen enough already, Lindsay.