Leaked Labour Party Manifesto Promises Very Good News For Students

Jeremy Corbyn
Photo by Getty

We’re yet to see the real deal, but a leaked draft of the Labour Party’s manifesto ahead of the General Election on 8 June indicates some very good news for students, should they come to power.

The party plans to scrap university tuition fees, making higher education more accessible for all. It also outlines a proposal to launch a National Education Service to offer everyone the chance to be able to study limitlessly from “cradle to grave”.

The manifesto, which was leaked to the Daily Telegraph and The Mirror, comes days after John McDonnell made a speech detailing the party’s plans for education.

“It’s not a commodity to be bought and sold,” the Shadow Chancellor said. “So we want to introduce – just as the Attlee government with Nye Bevan introduced the National Health Service – we want to introduce a ‘National Education Service’.

“Free at the point of need throughout life. And that means ending the cuts in the schools at primary and secondary level. It means free childcare. It means free school training when you need it throughout life.

“And yes it means scrapping tuition fees once and for all so we don’t burden our kids with debt for the future.”

The Green party, too, launched its General Election campaign with a similarly appealing promise to students: scrapping tuition fees, bringing back maintenance grants and ensuring the continuation of the Erasmus exchange programme.

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