Newsflash everyone: the inevitable has happened. She has her own TV show, basically runs Instagram and now, the youngest member of the Kardashin-Jenner clan has become a YouTuber. Yep, get ready for full ON Kylievision.

We don’t need to tell you to go and watch Kylie Jenner’s first ever video, because half of the internet will probably do it anyway, but if you do fancy a look, just hit play.

Her debut on the video sharing platform has been posted under the guise of her make-up brand Kylie Cosmetics, featuring the gal herself revealing her staple Lip Kits in a range of new shades — with the help of bestie Jordyn Woods, of course. It’s a whole five minutes long, but we’d be lying if we said we watched the whole thing.

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When her very own TV show Life of Kylie aired on E! earlier this year, the reviews weren’t too good, branding the whole thing a little bit too orchestrated and quite frankly, boring. As a result, it seems her initial YouTube effort has been edited with quirky cuts and plenty of “oh we’re just two very normal girls hanging out lol” conversation in an effort to inject some personality into Kylie’s on-camera persona. Has it worked? Let’s just say we’re glad Jordyn’s there with her…

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It does prove to be an effective marketing tool though, as watching the pair actually test out the shades does make us feel a lot closer to Kylie and her products, even enticing us to buy new shade ‘Autumn’ (we’re here for it too, K & J). As a celeb who often shares a curated, uber glam version of herself on Instagram, it’s great to see Kylie in a more simple, human setting. We think we’re a long way off from any more candid vlogs, but can definitely see a few GRWMs in Kylie’s YouTube future.

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