Kristen Stewart Makes The Ultimate Liberating Beauty Statement

Kristen Stewart
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Not prepared to be told how to look, how to dress or to whom she owes her prettiness, Kristen Stewart has made a bold beauty statement many of us dream we had the guts to emulate.

The former Twilight heroine has shaved her hair off, debuting the closely clipped ‘do at the premiere of her new film, Personal Shopper.

Her hair was cut by renowned stylist Bridget Brager, who posted the following:

Stewart’s chop comes just weeks after she took on the President of the United States, Donald Trump, on ‘Saturday Night Live’. She also publicly declared herself gay for the first time.

Stewart follows a whole host of famous actresses who have gone under the razor, including Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron and Demi Moore. All three of them lost their locks for various film roles, however, not as a style choice.

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The punk buzzcut has made a comeback of late, with many young women opting to shave their heads by way of defining their own femininity outside of modern beauty standards.

The new wave kicked off with breakout model Ruth Bell coming into the fore in 2015. However, the buzzcut is by no means new. The aesthetic echoes the style of 80s-era punk, where women challenged gendered stereotypes with power shoulders, short hair and trouser suits.