Have Kourtney Kardashian And Younes Bendjima Split? Let’s Look At The Evidence…

kourtney Kardashian and younes bendjima split?
Have Kourtney and Younes split up?

We know we shouldn’t care so much about celebrity relationships and people that we don’t and quite frankly, will never know, but Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima seemed like they were in to win it.

Since meeting in 2016 at Paris Fashion Week they have been inseparable and we finally thought Kourtney had met someone worthy of her.

It seems that might not be the case.

TMZ broke the rumour that the pair had split and although unconfirmed by both parties, we’re pretty sold on it.

Let’s look at the ‘evidence’:


Clue one

Firstly, while seemingly the perfect couple, they have their issues like any other. And one of those issues seemed to circle around Kourtney and her Instagram fame.

Younes has never particularly warmed to the idea of Kourtney snapping her booty in a thong bikini and posting for millions to see. It’s her bod though Younes, are we right ladies?

It was pretty obvious he wasn’t a fan of this below snap in particular, promptly commenting: ‘that’s what you need to show to get likes?’. Naturally, he quickly deleted his remark and we hope it was because Kourt told him where to go. Cue serious anger at any man who tells us ladies what to do with our bods.

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But there have been several comments flying around that Younes has never been particularly happy about this. Could this be the first sign of what led to their split?

Clue Two

It’s not always necessarily been a happy camp. There have been previous reports that Younes has cheated on Kourt. Earlier this year rumours swirled, but Younes strongly denied them and because Kourtney stood by him we quashed them quickly, especially without evidence. We’ll never know if this is true and we wouldn’t like to presume…

Clue Three

The pair no longer follow each other on Instagram. Always a tell-tale sign in the celeb world. It might be shallow but it’s true.

Clue Four

Since the reported break-up he has been pictured with other women on Instagram in Mexico – fact.  However, the reality is he’s with a big group of friends – men and women. He’s hardy swanned off on a romantic trip. Dailymail.com has suggested he’s there cosying up to Jordan Ozuna as his rebound from Kourtney, but her and the other ladies he’s pictured with are quite possibly just good pals. This is not the 18th century and most of us have friends of both sexes, are we right?

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Younes posted defensive stories on Instagram in an attempt to quash the rumours he was moving on, calling out the Daily Mail for their assumptions.

He said in one post: They really want me to be the bad guy… can’t have fun with your friends no more’.

We’re not convinced he’s moved on, but the trip away with friends could be a sign he’s with close pals in an attempt to try and get over his break-up.

kourtney Kardashian younes bendjima split
Younes updated his Instagram story calling out the Daily Mail

Clue Five

While we know the KUWTK clan are always going to defend one another, Kourtney’s sisters seem pretty mad about the pictures they’ve seen online. Naturally we’re assuming the girls’ comments are aimed at Younes of course.

According to the Commentsbycelebs Instagram account, Khloe Kardashian commented: ‘Alexa play “heard it all before” by Sunshine Anderson’. While Kim added: ‘Nice pics from your “boys trip.”‘  Serious shade.

Tristan knows that one well. #CommentsByCelebs

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While we will not insinuate that Younes has moved on with anyone else, we are feeling quite convinced there is no smoke without fire in terms of their break-up.

So have Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima split? We think that might well be the case.

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You don’t need a man anyway KK, you’re one seriously strong independent businesswoman with two kids in tow and we think you’re doing great.

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