Potentially Horrifying News For KitKat Fans

Kitkat bar
Photo by Shutterstock

KitKat fans, prepare to storm your local newsagent armed with a basket and a ‘Supermarket Sweep’ mentality. It may be time to panic buy.

Because for the first time in decades, Nestlé is changing the KitKat recipe. The company is reducing the amount sugar each bar contains. As a result, the newer KitKat versions restocking shelves this week are thought to be slightly healthier.


However, take that with a pinch of salt, a dash of extra cocoa and a splash more of dairy, as the new ‘More Milk More Cocoa’ versions are actually only four calories less than the originals. The sugar content has also only fallen by 0.7g. Which is a tiny amount.

“We have to congratulate Nestlé and say it is great that companies are looking for ways to reduce sugar,” Action Against Sugar campaigner Jenny Rosbrough told The Telegraph. “It is a step in the right direction but we do need to see more improvement than this.

“These new Kit Kats will be side by side on shelves and with the new branding people may see these as a healthier option. But people must realise they still a treat and that they are only marginally healthier than a normal Kit Kat.”

So it’s all down to the taste test, which we’ll update you on as soon as we find one of these Judas bars ruining everything on the shelves. Why must they always mess with the classics?

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