Kim Kardashian Just Revealed Her Most Rebellious Moment

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian admitted to shoplifting when she was a youngster (Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian West might be best known for her adoration of all things make-up but what many fans might not know is that she once shoplifted lipstick from a beauty store.

The Instagram influencer, 36, admitted in a post on her official website that she nabbed a bullet with best childhood pal Nicole Richie they were young.

“When Nicole and I were around 11, we went into a drugstore in Malibu and took lipstick,” she reveals. “We thought we were so badass. I can’t remember the name of the colour but it was a brown shade from Revlon. I wasn’t much of a partier growing up, so this was about as rebellious as I got.”

Kim went on to recall her and sister Kourtney’s “obsession” with their mum Kris Jenner’s make-up bag. “We would try everything but we were so obsessed with concealer and foundation for some reason,” she says. “We would put it everywhere, literally, all over our faces.”

Nowadays, Kim’s perpetually sold-out KKW Beauty cosmetics line rakes in multi-millions, so presumably, her shoplifting habits are a thing of the past. Lipstick is cool people, stealing is not. Lipsticks are hard to resist though, we get it.

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