Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist Reveals The Beauty Look We’ll All Be Rocking This Spring

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian shows off her new look in Paris last year (Photo: Kim Kardashian)

Contouring is making way for a bare-faced look this spring according to none other than Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist.

Kim K’s right-hand man Mario Dedivanovic switched his BFF onto a more au-naturel style at Paris Fashion Week last season and has noticed the “clean vibe” taking off among the blogging community ever since.

In fact, glowing skin and a nude lip are SS17’s beauty must-haves and Dedivanovic reckons we can expect sheer, coloured eyeshadow washes to be a hot trend, too. He may have kick-started the contour craze (for our sins), but now it’s time for a U-turn.

“I love a natural clean look, there’s something so fresh about it and also to do it, it’s refreshing, it’s not as much work,” he told People. “I think it feels right right now. We’ve seen so much and we’ve been so bombarded with this heavy, crazy look like what Kim and I did years ago.

“It was dramatic but it was nothing compared to what we’re seeing now. People took it to another stratosphere. We’ve been so much of it it’s just like ‘Ugh, we cannot any more’.”

Instead, Dedivanovic is calling on beauty lovers to embrace pores and let skin breathe. He wants us to shun mattifying powder and apply only a thin layer of foundation if needed. Nude matte liquid lipsticks may be on-trend but he wants the creamy lip to make a comeback, so expect to see him championing that on red carpets soon. It’s finally time to let our inner beauty shine!

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