Kim Kardashian Gets A Foot Massage While Talking About Women’s Rights

Kim Kardashian
Kim K is coming over to the feminist side (Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

Oh Kim, you do keep us entertained.

In the latest instalment of ‘what on earth is Kim up to now’, we’ve been treated to an up-close and personal interview with the reality star, while she receives a very intense foot rub. Yes, you read that right.

The shoot took place for Allure magazine – she’s their October cover star, dontcha know? — capturing Mrs Kardashian West’s thoughts and opinions on pressing matters such as “What’s the one life lesson you’ll teach North?” and “What would be your dream product to make?”

However, the most revealing (albeit slightly grammatically incorrect) question is the first: “What’s society’s ideals for a woman?” Drumroll please…

Click play below to hear her response.

For those who can’t be asked to put the sound on, she starts by saying: “I mean, I don’t really live by society’s ideals, so what I would hope is just that women are equal. Like, women in every way, whether it’s equal pay, equal rights. I just feel like women should have the same rights as men.”

“I definitely think that women should just have the rights of what they want to do with their bodies,” adds Kim. “I think that’s really frustrating when certain rights are being taken away.”

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We couldn’t agree with Kim’s response more, which sounds pretty feminist to us, despite the TV star maintaining she’s not a feminist (or a “free the nipple kind of girl”, as she put it) only a week ago. But her beliefs in equality of the sexes and a woman’s right over her own body are right on the money — we just hope Kimmy katches up with her definition of feminism soon, perhaps when she’s done with that massage?


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