Kendall Jenner’s Story About Her Convicted Stalker Is Utterly Terrifying

Kendall Jenner
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Kendall Jenner was visibly terrified as she recalled the frightening run-in she had with a stranger who accosted her at her home in Hollywood Hills in August 2016.

Speaking during an episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, Jenner described herself as the “independent one”, but said that changed after she was rattled by the experience.

“I came home one night and there was a guy sitting on the side of my street. I was like: ‘That’s so weird.’ He just looked like a homeless man,” she said. “So I drove around and I went into my house and I watched the gate close.”

She continued: “I turned my car off, getting my stuff together, I’m about to open my door and I look in my rearview mirror and he was standing like right there. I just saw his figure.”

“He goes: ‘I need to talk to you.’ And I was like: ‘No, you need to leave!’

“I called one of my friends immediately — I’m sobbing, crying. He’s at my window, banging on my window screaming at me. I finally start backing out and I get to my gate, the gate opens and I get out and all of a sudden he starts running after me.

“At that moment is when my friends pulled up. They had him sit on the curb and we waited for the police to come and I’m like crying, freaking out.”

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The man was later identified as 25-year-old man Shavaughn McKenzie. He was sentenced to 178 days in a Los Angeles County Jail for stalking the super model in November 2016.

Kendall later admitted to sympathising with McKenzie, who she believes struggled with mental health issues.

“Is it like, weird of me though, that I feel bad for him?” she asked mother Kris.

“I don’t think he’s mentally there,” she added. “I don’t even know if he can control what he’s doing. Like, he thinks what he’s doing is normal and fine.”

“Being in the public eye is pretty crazy, just because people actually feel like they know you, and they get very caught up in it. And they don’t realise that they don’t actually know you. That was my scenario. So when he came into my house, he thought it was OK. He literally talked to me like I knew who he was.”

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“You need to show everyone that you’re going to act on every single predator that comes after you,” Kris answered.

Kim Kardashian, who was robbed at gun point in Paris in September, admitted that their lives have changed dramatically since the crimes.

“I can’t sleep unless I have like, four security guards just outside my house,” she told Kendall. “If you don’t set the tone for it now, you’re literally not going to be able to sleep at night.”

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