Kendall Jenner’s New Vogue Cover Sparks Yet More Outrage

kendall jenner
Photo by Getty

Kendall Jenner has really been raked over the coals recently.

First, there was that tone-deaf Pepsi ad she won’t talk about. Then there were the promotional posts she uploaded for the disastrous Fyre Festival. And now, there’s this.

Kendall stars as the official cover girl for Vogue India’s 10 year anniversary addition. So far, average. Except one thing. Kendall isn’t Indian.

“Imagine having beautiful women of colour from each state honouring every state’s culture and fashion that represents India,” one woman wrote on Instagram underneath a post about the issue.

“But you people chose a skinny famous for nothing white girl.”

Another follower labelled the decision to cast Kendall in that role as “beyond insulting to every Indian person and everyone else in the world that sees how messed up it is that you’re trying to celebrate Indian culture and fashion with a white person.”

And the outraged tweets continued thusly:

We’re not sure what’s going on in the karmic world of Kendall right now, but we strongly suggest she hires someone a little tighter on her branding. Its not going too well for the star. Other than the fact she’s a multi-millionaire supermodel, of course. She can cry us a river over that one.

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