Kendall Jenner Has Revealed Her Big News And Social Media Fans Are Not Impressed

kendall jenner
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"I did not spend 4 hours refreshing Kendall Jenner’s twitter just for her to announce..."

Every so often we find ourselves questioning the Kardashian Dynesty’s brand partnerships and/ or messaging. And most often we use the words WTF?

The long list of brand screw ups include Kendall Jenner’s 2017 Pepsi advert which was pulled after being heavily criticised for cashing in on gender and racial equality.  And sister Khloe Kardashian bizarre endorsement of ‘Neen Aquaflex’ aka pilates for your cha cha.

Days ago we added Kim Kardashian’s slammed promotion of Flat Tummy Shakes to our list.  And Kendall Jenner’s partnership with skincare brand Proactiv has now caused a huge stir on social media. But not for the right reasons.

It all started when mum Kris Jenner got the Internet pumped up last Saturday, by announcing her daughter Kendall was about to share some big news.  Kim praised Kendall for being “so brave and vulnerable”, and described Kendall’s forthcoming revelation as her “most raw” and “moving” story yet.

As a result of Kris Jenner’s teaser post, social media went wild with rumours and speculation.  That was until Sunday evening, when Kendall’s big announcement arrived.  While sharing a short video post about her experience with acne, Kendall informed us of her new partnership with Proactiv. Huh?!

In the video Kendall talks about how she struggled with the negative comments about her skin on the night she attended the 2018 Golden globes. She recalls, “I remember going online and reading all the horrible things people were saying about me and my skin.”

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At Shevolution we all know that when it comes to acne, the struggle is real.  But with hashtags #bethechange and #changetheconversation, suggesting something HUGE world changing was coming. Twitter users were not there for Kendall’s partnership announcement which some users called a ‘publicity stunt’.

Twitter reacts

One user complained that she had spent 4 hours refreshing her Twitter feed to receive the news.

Another user called the announcement a “good publicity stunt.”

“sis… don’t tell me that THIS is the announcement your mum tagged with hashtag,, bethechange and hashtag,, share the story” posted a p*ssed user.

And another questioned if Kendall would be using Proactiv in between shoots.

Although it turned out Kendall’s announcement was a disappointment to some. Other users had spookily guessed what was coming.

Ouch… Not the best start to 2019.

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