Kendall Jenner’s New Adidas Advert Sparks Fresh Backlash

Kendall Jenner
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Is it just us, or does Kendall Jenner seem to attract a backlash like jam to a wasp nowadays?

No sooner had she (probably) uttered the words “hold my Pepsi” on the release of her new advert for Adidas, and Kendall was back in hot water.

Rather than protesting against another clusterf**k of racial stereotypes, this week’s set of peeved fans are angry at Adidas using a model instead of an athlete to promote their sports brand.

It’s a trend that has seen female powerhouses pushed aside for the likes of Gigi Hadid (Reebok) and Kylie Jenner (Puma) recently. The vanity of fashion, it seems, has overtaken the true spirit of sports and physical achievement.

Venus reborn @KendallJenner for

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The Adidas advert was first posted to Instagram last week. It sees Kendall lying in a clear plastic box.

“I did what I had to do,” she says. “I faced it all, and I stood tall. I did it my way.”

Quite what she did, other than lie in a plastic box wearing trainers, remains unclear.

That didn’t stop critics on social media from voicing their concerns over the casting:

As always, there were the die-hard Jenner fans leaping to the model’s defence. But the onus here should surely be on Adidas to think before they cast, and show off their clothes on the bodies they made them for, not smaller-than-average models physically trained to fit into sample sizes.

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