Can You Spot Kelly Osbourne’s Hilarious Photo Fail?

Kelly Osborne
(Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Magnolia Pictures)

Kelly Osbourne has shared a rather amusing photo fail which occurred while she relaxed in the pool with her sister-in-law Lisa.

The girls posed for the snap while enjoying a dip but, despite the sassy pouts, matching bikinis and yummy cocktails, the picture didn’t turn out quite as planned.

With a glass in one hand, Kelly was actually holding Lisa’s daughter Andy in her other arm, but only a smidgen of the tot was visible.

As a result, Kelly was left looking like she had a very small limb – complete with bright blue armband. Classic.

Posting said shot on Instagram, Kelly told fans: “Check out my sexy baby arm!

“The most hysterical yet #epic #PhotoFail! This is instant karma For trying to hide my fat ass behind Lisa while holding my niece!”

Aww, we’ve all suffered a photo fail at some point or another, Kel.

In fact, back in 2014 Kim Kardashian lost an entire arm while enjoying a swish Cannes boat party with her BFF Jonathan Cheban.

Perhaps she can offer you a shoulder to cry on, Kelly? Or not…

It certainly happens to the best of them.

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