Katy Perry Wins Court Battle Against Nuns Who Accused Her Of Witchcraft

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Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Just when you thought George Osborne being announced as the editor of the Evening Standard was the most ludicrous thing you’d hear all day…

Katy Perry has won a court battle against a group of nuns who have accused her of being a witch in order to stop her buying their convent.

The pop singer, 32, put in a £9.3million bid for the former religious home in Los Feliz, LA, but the sisters felt Katy would be an unsuitable owner, and favoured a local business woman with less of a reputation for wearing candy-coloured latex.

Well, the two-year battle has just ended. The judge said the nuns had no claim to the property, and ruled in Perry’s favour.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the nuns were so annoyed with the ruling that they tried to get the Pope involved. Unsurprisingly, however, he was busy with other things.

“I do not like Katy Perry’s lifestyle,” Sister Callanan told the Daily Mail. “I gave a lot of the things from the internet to show the Archdiocese what kind of woman she was. Some of the things she does are disgusting.”

Sister Callanan told the tabloid that she and the nuns questioned the singer face-to-face about her interest in the property, and she brought her devout Christian mother Mary along for the conversation.

“She brought her mother Mary to the meeting and I just thought, ‘Oh God help us.’

“Katy Perry was all dressed very nicely and said: ‘I have this tattoo on my wrist and it says Jesus.’ And I wanted to say, ‘yes and what is the tattoo on your behind?’”

Nothing says ‘witch’ like a butt tattoo after all. Except for that suspect trip to Salem she took in 2014…